Kosi Bay

Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa Bull Sharks travel these rivers and their aggressive nature is the cause of so many shallow many attacks. They are in search of food in these fresh water rivers and have no problem taking anything out that gets in the way.


Island, Indian Ocean This beach is known for surf and sharks! Two of the top three deadliest sharks swim these waters, the Bull Shark and the Tiger Shark. There has been 24 attacks and 13 of them have been fatal. Reunion Island isn't higher on the list because its not that popular, but rest assured, if you visit this island, you might get attacked.

West End

Grand Bahamas Although there are no fatal shark attacks in these waters they're notoriously known for Tiger Sharks. This area of the Caribbean has become a famous spot for shark cage diving and other tourist shark sighting attractions.

Kahun Beach

West Maui, Hawaii These warm waters attract 40 different shark species and have racked up 34 attacks. Although this beach is known for attacks, this was not the famed beach where Bethany Hamilton lost her arm.
6 most infested shark beach

New Smyrna Beach

Florida, USA Florida is known for a large amount of attacks but fewer fatalities then other parts of the world. New Smyrna Beach is host to Tiger Sharks, Blacktips, and Spinner Sharks. The main reason why there are so many attacks and few deaths is because these attacks are largely accidental. They often bump into people and bite because they are scared and or a wave pushes them into oncoming swimmers. These sharks aren't aggressive, but should be looked out for.

New South Wales

Australia These coastal waters are responsible for 171 shark attacks, 55 of which were fatal. The nearby shark sighting tour guides guarantee tourist that they will see sharks.

Umhlamga Rocks

South Africa This beach is protected by a safety net because its waters are filled with Bull Sharks and Great Whites. These waters are so dangerous to swimmers and surfers that local scientists created a shark repellant to help ward off nearby sharks.
number 3 most shark infested beach


South Africa Known as "Shark Alley," Gansbaai is known for hosting the biggest Great White's off the coast of South Africa. Any beach that has the name "Shark Alley" is worthy of the making the Top 10 Shark Infested Beaches list.
number 2 most infested beach


CA, USA These Pacific waters are laced with Great White sharks that have been known to jump out of the water when attacking surfers. The surfers that tackle these waves are not only brave fighting the cold waters and strong waves, but they are unfazed by the scary beasts that lay beneath.
#1 most shark infested waters!


Brazil With 50 attacks, 16 of which are fatal, Recife's shark infested waters give swimmers a 1/3 chance of dying if bitten by a shark. These waters are trolled by aggressive Bull Sharks that are looking for trouble.