Lemon Shark

"When life gives you lemons…" get the hell out of the water! The Lemon Shark is known to be less aggressive then other sharks, but if provoked or bumped into they will bite. No recorded deaths, but you should always watch your back if Lemons are near.

attacks: 22

fatal: 0


Blue Shark

Known to live in deep tropical water, Blue Sharks normally stick to a small diet of fish and squid. However, they have been know to take bigger pray, including humans. Nicknamed "wolves of the sea."

attacks: 32

fatal: 3


Great Hammerhead

This hammerhead is aggressive in nature. It is the only known hammerhead that eats other hammerheads. They have even been observed eating their children.

attacks: 33

fatal: unknown


Sandtiger Shark

Sandtiger sharks actually take gulps of air at the oceans surface to help with buoyancy. This allows them to stay motionless while they hunt for prey. Don't bump into them though, they bite.

attacks: 64

fatal: 2

6 most infested shark beach

Gray Reef Sharks

These sharks are thought of as curious rather then aggressive, many scuba divers come in contact with them. They are usually just checking you out, but if they don't like they way you feel, they will attack. If a Gray Reef arches its back into an "s" shape, time to roll, cause that dude it about to freak.

attacks: 8

fatal: unknown


Shortfin Mako

Known for sharp pointy noise and its aggressive behavior, these Mako's are a threat to anything swimming in the open ocean.

attacks: 42

fatal: 2


Oceanic White Tip Shark

These sharks aren't that dangerous, unless you are already injured. Oceanic white tips have attacked people that fell in the ocean after a plane wreck.

attacks: 5

fatal: 1

number 3 most shark infested beach

Tiger sharks

Although the tiger shark normally swims slowly, it's speed can increase when pursuing prey. However, what really makes its so deadly is its wide appetite. Known as the garbage men of the sea, tiger sharks will eat just about anything, including humans, specifically, Bethany Hamiltons left arm.. Some scientist believe this is to help with buoyancy.

attacks: 116

fatal: 29

number 2 most infested beach

Great White Sharks

With an unbelievable amount of attacks and the star of multiple horror films, the great white makes the number 2 spot. It's pure strength and aggression make the great white a sure pick for one of the deadliest sharks in the sea.

attacks: 348

fatal: 67

#1 most shark infested waters!

Bull Sharks

Bull Sharks have many great qualities that make it the most dangerous shark for humans.
  • 1 of 6 sharks that can live in freshwater and saltwater.
  • They are aggressive, relative to other sharks.
  • Bull sharks have a bite-force of over 1300 lb.
  • They typically do their hunting in shallow water. (Close proximity to humans)

attacks: a lot

fatal: 82