Smooth Hammerhead

One of the 9 different types of Hammerhead species, the Smooth Hammerhead is known to travel in schools of thousands. Talk about rollin' deep.

Sand Tiger

This one is a popular aquarium shark, due to its shy behavior, yet scary image. However, these shark make the cool list for another reason, they actually gulp air to help their buoyancy.

Great White

Everyone has heard of the Great White and knows its power and aggressive nature is what put them on the 'Coolest Top 10.'


A super sized version of the Great White. Everything thing that makes the Great White cool… just about 30ft longer, making the Megalodon the most badass predator to ever swim the seas.
6 most infested shark beach

Bull Shark

These sharks are known for their aggressive nature and their ability to live in both fresh and salt water. The majority of Bull Shark attacks happen in murky, fresh water, making them the most deadly shark in the world.

Frilled Shark

An actual living fossil was found of the coast of Japan in 2007, this eel-like shark has fossil remans of itself that are 80 million years old. Unfortunately, the scientists that found thought it's be a good idea to take it out of the water… which caused it to died. Unbelievable story, to bad scientists decided to kill it, instead of admiring it's beauty.

Whale Shark

The largest of all sharks comes in at number 4. Whale Sharks can grow up to 50ft in length, they travel along or in schools of over a hundred. Quite a rare sight, check our videos to seem some schools!
number 3 most shark infested beach

Short Fin Mako

The fastest shark alive makes the top 3 for its speed and ability to jump 20ft out of the water. These can get up to top speeds of 45mph when feeding. Known to be aggressive, however they are quite small and have rare contact with humans cause of their offshore swimming habits.
number 2 most infested beach

Greenland Shark

The longest living shark. This bad boy can live up to 200 year in depths of 600 meters under the Arctic ice. This truly is an amazing creature and deserves its place at number 2 for coolest shark.
#1 most shark infested waters!

Bonnethead Shark

Topping the list is the Bonnethead Shark. This shark is a species of hammerhead and can reproduce asexually - capable of reproducing an exact replica of itself. So this one has to be the coolest since it already knows how to clone an army of itself.