Red Water

Red Water round out the top of our list. This is about a fresh water shark that makes some noise upstream on the Louisiana River . Although the cinematography isn't the greatest, it makes a crazy story cause this could happen! Tiger Sharks have been spotted as high as Ohio in the Mississippi River. That shit cray.

Jaws Revenge

Let's be honest, the only reason this makes the list is because of its prefix. Any Jaws movie is worthy of a Top 10. It's a so gory, its actually quite funny. Although I don't recommend watching this movie with the in-laws… you should definitely check it out on that rainy day, hungover day.


When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I wasn't expecting much. However, this is pretty cool movie! A lot of drama and non shark shark scenes, but still a very cool movie. It's also in 3D, which is dope.

Shark Night 3D

Another 3D movie comes in at number 7. Shark Night was actually ranked in the top spot on IMDB's Best Shark list, but they must be trippin'. This is movie is cool if you liked Piranha, and enjoy watching gory scenes which hot girls naked… wait, this is movie pretty cool! A lot of special effects and cheesy one-liners.
6 most infested shark beach

12 Days of Terror

Ok so, this is actually a documentary remake by The Discover Channel. Still, very sick! It's a true story about the summer of 1916 on the Jersey Shore. Very interesting, considering the lack of technology and misinformation on sharks back in that time. Also, its nice to look at the Jersey Shore pre Snookisour.

Open Water

This movie is terrifying. This is a true story and could very well happen. If being stranded in the middle of the ocean doesn't freak you out, then go fuck yourself! I love true story movies, you really can put yourself in their shoes (wetsuits) and know that someone actually experienced that terror.

Jaws 2

Probably the best shark movie sequel. This movie is a lot scarier than the original because the a lot of the movie is seen from a teenagers point of view, as they are the majority of the victims. An epic ending, as once again Martin Brody kills another man-eating shark attacking Rhode Island.
number 3 most shark infested beach

Deep Blue Sea

Great plot about scientist try to advance the brain of sharks to help fins cure for diseases. Not sure how realistic it is, but it makes for some unbelievable suspense. Other plus's to this movie; the one hot chick gets almost naked for a scene (not thaaat bad) and LL Cool J made a song for it.
number 2 most infested beach


Why isn't Jaws number 1!? I'll tell you why. It's undoubtably the greatest movie of its time and the first real shark drama that left people afraid of the water. However, it just can't stand the test of time against other films today. Then again, its does has one of the more famous movie lines ever, "we're gonna need a bigger boat."
#1 most shark infested waters!

The Reef

If you haven't seen it, it you might not understand. A sail boat capsizes a few miles off the coast of Australia. Knowing that the boat is sinking a few decide to try and swim to a nearby channel for help. I couldn't believe the goosebumps this movie gave me. Very suspenseful, the sharks don't come that often, but they come. Definitely need to check it out.