The whitetip shark has been described as a slow-moving and solitary shark. They usually are seen towards the surface covering large stretches of water to look for potential prey. They also have been know to follow boats and recently have experienced a declining population due to shark finning. Although they typically dont swim fast, they are capable of quick bursts of speed.

Physical Characteristics

What's most noteable about the whitetip shark is also where it gets its name. Whitetips have rounded, white colored tips on their fins that are presumably used as lures to attract fast moving fish who are also looking for prey. They also can be identified by their mouth which is as long as or shorter than the width of it mouth.

What Does A Whitetip Shark Eat?

White tip sharks eat ray-finned fish and cephalopods. They have been recorded eating squid, tuna, white marlins and barracuda.

Claim to Fame

Their fins look like a tasty school of fish to their prey, making their slow-moving approach to life just fine.

Shark Attacks

In 2010, two Oceanic Whitetip Sharks were blamed for the attacks of 4 tourists at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in the Red Sea. The tourists sustained terrible injurys and two days later an elderly woman was attacked and died immediately.