Sand tiger sharks tend to live in sandy, coastal regions and are generally calm and slow moving sharks. Because they are docile and also quite large, they are commonly found in aquariums across the world. When preying on groups of fish, sand tiger sharks appear to work in groups.

Physical Characteristics

Sand tiger sharks have several characteristics that set them apart from other sharks. They have small eyes that are lacking eyelids and also tend to swim with their mouth open, exposing sharp, needle-like teeth.

What Does A Sand Tiger Shark Eat?

Sand tiger sharks eat a variety of fish but once they reach adulthood they tend to feed on larger prey like other shark, dolphins and swordfish. Some experience problems from swallowing too large of prey since sand tiger sharks usually swallow their prey whole.

Claim to Fame

The sand tiger shark is the only shark that stores air in its stomach to give it almost neutral buoyancy. This allows the sand tiger shark to hunt for prey stealthily and silently.

Shark Attacks

Despite popular belief that they are dangerous, there have not been many unprovoked attacks by sand tiger sharks and only two people have ever died from a sand tiger shark's bite. However, they have been found to become more aggresive around spearfishers so dont do that or it might just set one off on a rampage!