Average Weight: 150lb to 300lb Average Length: 8ft-14ft Locations: Deep water and offshore


A mako shark is a common name for both the longfin mako and the shortfin mako. The shortfin mako shark is very fast and highly migratory. It swims in deep water offshore and rarely is near the shore. The shortfin can swim at speeds over 42 mph and has the ability to leap out 20 ft out of the water.

Physical Characteristics

Mako sharks are a metallic blue color. The longfin mako is the larger of the two and has been recorded to reach up to 14 ft. Mako shark teeth are sharp and pointy and about 1 inch long. Rows of the mako sharks teeth bend inwards to trap strong slippery fish.

What Does A Mako Shark Eat?

Mako sharks primarily eat small fish but also eat rays and other sharks. The mako is a devastating predator, usually cruising through the ocean at around 22 to 25 mph looking for prey. It often hunts by lunging vertically the water to rip flesh and fins off of the prey.

Claim to Fame

The shortfin mako shark is the fastest shark in the ocean traveling speeds of up to 42 mph although it has been debated and some experts believe they are capable of swimming much faster.

Shark Attacks

Mako shark attacks are a rare occurrence. Although they do not treat humans as prey, they can be very aggressive and vengeful if a human provokes or catches it. There have been several accounts where fishermen caught a mako and were attacked by it once it got in the boat.
Did you know:
  • Shortfin mako sharks are tough predators but sword evidence suggests that swordfish injure and kill shortfin makos.
  • Although the shortfin is the fastest shark, it is not the fastest fish. In fact, the sail fish can reach speeds of 70 miles per hour.