The leopard shark is an opportunistic hunter that travels in cool, shallow water. Unlike most sharks, the leopard shark travels in schools. They often hunt in kelp beds and mudflats. Researchers have suggested that this environment potentially caused the leopard shark to develop its abundance of red blood cells, allowing it to absorb oxygen more efficiently.

Physical Characteristics

The leopard shark has colorful patterns of dark, saddle-shaped bands on its back. They also have a row of rounded, spots that look similar to a leopard. Their body is almost cylindrical in shape and the caudal fin is extremely long. The teeth of a leopard shark are small and plentiful, made to capture evasive fish.

What Does A Leopard Shark Eat?

Leopard sharks tend to feed on invertebrates and small fish however they are opportunistic and will eat what ever is locally abundant and easy to catch. Crabs, fish eggs, shrimp and clams are all part of a leopard sharks balanced diet.

Claim to Fame

The spots and stripes on a leopard shark have helped it rise to shark-stardom. What also sets the leopard shark apart from other sharks its ability to absorb oxygen efficiently, allowing it to swim in murky, muddy water.

Shark Attacks

Leopard sharks do not pose a threat to humans due to their skittish and cautious nature. There has only been one reported "attack" in 1955 which was more like harassment as the diver, who had a nosebleed in the water, was not harmed and instead just slightly annoyed. I wouldn't worry about being attacked by a leopard shark.