The great white shark is rarely seen or caught but is known to live in all of the Earth's oceans. They usually travel alone or in pairs and they are common  to any depth of water. A great white shark can travel extraordinary distances and have been observed swimming thousands of miles to far-away islands before turning around and returning to the coast.

Physical Characteristics

The great white shark is named for its white underbelly, however its bares a dull blue grey color. Although the whale shark and basking shark are larger, the great white shark is extremely large and can grow to 26 feet.

What Does A Great White Shark Eat?

The great white shark is considered to be the apex predator (top of the food chain). A shark eats small fish when it is not an adult but when it become a fully grown adult they eat large fish, tuna, swordfish, mammals, and turtles.

Claim to Fame

The great white shark is known as an extreme example of an apex predator and is known for being the most badass animal on the face of this planet.

Shark Attacks

Great white sharks are usually depicted as violent man-eaters but they do not seek out humans as prey. With great white sharks, an attack is most likely a case of mistaken identity.