Bull sharks often live and hunt in shallow waters making them very dangerous to humans. They are typically solitary hunters but sometimes they travel in pairs. Some, navigate through fresh water streams and hunt for any animal worth their time.

Physical Characteristics

A bull shark is white on the bottom and grey on the top with a small snout. Its caudal fin (on the tail) is longer and points lower than most sharks and perhaps is an adaptation for hunting in the shallowest of waters.

What Does A Bull Shark Eat?

These fierce predators mostly eat bony fish and other sharks but have been known to eat just about anything including mammals, turtles, birds and even members of the same species.

Claim to Fame

The bull shark is one of six sharks that swim in freshwater. It can move easily in tight spaces in narrow rivers with help of strong pectoral fins. It is also notable that one ambitious bull attacked a racehorse swimming in Australia's Brisbane River.

Shark Attacks

Attacks by these sharks have been recorded world wide and attack humans in both freshwater streams and seas. Because of this, bull sharks have made our list as the # 1 most dangerous. Many have proposed that the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916 were the doings of one bad bull shark.