The black tip is very quick and energetic. Black tip sharks have been known to jump out of the water and spin on its axis several times. This is a behavior that is typically associated with feeding on schools of fish but has been seen in other situations.

Physical Characteristics

The blacktip shark can be distinguished from other sharks because of its black-tipped fins and by its symmetrical finely serrated teeth. Its snout is as long as its mouth width.

What Does A Blacktip Shark Eat?

Most of the blacktip diet consists of fish such as sardines, herring and boxfish. Blacktips sometimes eat small sharks and stingrays.

Claim to Fame

Blacktip sharks leap out of the water and reach heights of 2 meters! They also can land a sweet 720 degree spin move and perhaps some can spin even more. Does anyone else think its unfair that sharks not only are the best predators but some can also do extreme sport tricks better than humans?

Shark Attacks

Surfers in Florida sometimes are approached by the blacktip shark and sometimes are bitten. The blacktip usually only leaves superficial, scrape-like wounds. It is likely that this occurs because the blacktip might mistake a hand for a fish but once it finds out it is wrong it's timid nature gets the best of it and it flees.