Fast Facts Weight: 100 Length: 5 ft to 6 ft Locations: Shallow, temperate or tropical seas.


The term 'angel shark' refers to all sharks in the genus Squatina. Angel sharks are bottom-feeders that typically live in shallow water, although one species of angel shark have been observed living over 4,000 ft bellow the surface. They bury themselves in the mud and attack their prey.

Physical Characteristics

Angel sharks differ from most sharks because their body is flattened and wide. The eyes are on the top of the angel sharks head to see predators from the ocean floor. their jaws have adapted to so that the jaws can snap up and capture its prey.

What Does An Angel Shark Eat?

Angel sharks primarily eat fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

Claim to Fame

The angel shark hides in the mud and snaps open its large mouth to capture its prey.