fifth most endangered shark

Basking shark

These guys are experiencing population declines because over fishing - fins are in demand for soup and its cartilage is used in some forms of medicine in traditional Chinese culture and as an aphrodisiac in Japan.

Dusky shark

Over fishing high demand for fins in soup, National Marine Fisheries Service estimate could take 100-400 to rebuild their population.
number 3 most endangered shark

Scalloped hammerhead

Population declined over 95% in last 30 years. Added to "globally endangered" list in 2008.
number 2 most endangered shark

Whale shark

Over fishing- hunted in areas where they seasonally aggregate. Considered vulnerable by IUCN, their hunting is banned in some countries including the Philippines, India, and Taiwan.
1 most endangered shark

Great white shark

Reason for decline: Over fishing and collisions with shipping vessels. Many people fear the great white shark which may fuel the motivation for people to continue hunting the great white, despite its obvious negative impact on sharks and the marine ecosystem. Only 3,500 great whites are left in the wild, more endangered than tigers.