How Fast Can a Shark Swim?

The shortfin mako shark is the fastest shark in the world and has been recorded swimming at a top speed of 42 miles per hour, but many experts believe they are capable of swimming faster in short bursts. However, the short mako shark doesn't usually swim at its top speed and like most other sharks, while cruising the mako shark swims much slower. Shortfin makos are usually observed cruising at a speed of 21.5 mph.

Other fastest sharks

second fastest sharkThe great white shark - The great white shark is an awesome predator, fast enough to catch seals and other fast prey. The great white shark is the second fastest shark, able to reach a top speed is 25 miles per hour.

blue shark top speedThe blue shark has been recorded swimming at speeds of over 22 miles per hour and many experts suggest they are capable of swimming much faster. Maybe in a few years, we will find out that this is actually the worlds second fastest shark after more research is conducted.

Black tip top speedThe blacktip shark is an incredible athlete. It can launch itself upwards through schools of fish, exiting the water and spinning in the air. While a black tip makes these bursts, it is estimated that it reaches a speed of 14.3 miles per hour.